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Java 8 - Functional Programming(Webinar)

Course Name : Java 8 - Functional Programming(Webinar)

Batch Schedule : 24-Oct-2020   To   25-Oct-2020

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

Duration : 2 Days

Timings : 9:00 AM  To  12:30 PM

Fees : Rs. 500/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Students
  • Fresher’s
  • Working professionals
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  • Java8 interfaces
    • Static methods in interface
    • Default methods in interface
  • Functional interfaces
    • Concept
    • @FunctionalInterface annotation
    • java.util.function package
    • Consumer, Function, Operator, Supplier and Predicate
    • Primitive specializations
  • Method references
    • Static method reference
    • Non-static method reference
    • Constructor reference
  • Lambda expressions
    • Revising anonymous inner class
    • Lambda expression syntax understanding
    • Single line and multi-line expressions
  • java.util.Stream
    • Java8 stream characteristics
    • Intermediate & terminal operations
    • Stream operations: map(), filter(), sort(), reduce(), collect()
    • Understanding stream execution
    • Complex stream processing
  • Parallel Streams
    • Multi-processing concept
    • Parallel processing w.r.t. Multi-processing
    • Applications of parallel streams
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  • Java OOP 
  • Java collections
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Ability to use lambda expressions and stream operations, Understanding of Java8 streams

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  • Course is focused on functional programming related features from Java 8 (as mentioned in the syllabus above). Other Java 8 features are not planned considering time constraints.
  • This course is not covering on JVM internals or bytecode discussion. It focuses on the fundamentals and effective use of functional programming features in Java 8.
  • For a better understanding of the contents, participants must be good at Java collections.
  • Depending on the content depth and Q & A, duration may extend a little. Please consider this point.
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Opted for this because I wanted to prepare for functional programming for my day to day activities as a Java Developer and for certification. This course has cleared my understanding of all the concepts and will help me write concise code using Java8 

One of the best webinars I have ever attend. Very interactive, got a chance to learn from the basics even though the time was less but the faculty covered each and every topic promised in well manner. I will recommend this type of webinar or course to my friends and I will also attend other courses whenever is possible.

Never seen any faculty with such in-depth and crystal clear knowledge of subject/ topic he/she is teaching. Excellent!!. I got all my concepts and doubts cleared with respect to this course topic, and I got to learn more than what I was expected while joining this course. I am really looking forward to other courses to join like Microservices using SpringBoot, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. in Sunbeam.

Nilesh sir cleared my concepts about functional programming as I was thinking it OOP way. He literally tries to cover each minute details of it with an example which is being understandable to all students. I think sir has provided examples again and again where he feels at some points which are not grasped by students. Thank you so much Nilesh sir for the wonderful session!!

The way Nilesh sir goes deep down to make understand every student is amazing, I am grateful for getting trained under him and regained some memories back on Sunbeam classroom training during the DAC course. About this course, I got to learn many topics which are really helpful in growing as a Java Developer. And I have a great experience to learn it from my favorite faculty. Thank you, @Nilesh sir!!

For an advanced topic like functional programming, the flow of course was very smooth. Nilesh Sir's excellent teaching style is very learning-friendly. He understands which part of topic students will feel difficulty and he is already prepared to explain those topics in depth. Last part - real-life example - COVID-19 data analysis using java stream was amazing. Suggestions: Few more real-life examples like above would have been great. Also, some assignments would have been icing on the top.

I was attending the lecture of Nilesh sir, after 14 years(Was a Pre DAC Student.). But nothing has changed in terms of

1. Sir's attitude to resolve each n every doubt

2. Making sure that concepts are clear.

3. Timeliness

4. Smile and simplicity.

Thank you sir for such a wonderful lecture. 

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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 J8FP-O-03 24-Oct-2020 25-Oct-2020 9:00 AM  To  12:30 PM

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

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