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Advanced Pointers in C (Webinar)

Course Name : Advanced Pointers in C (Webinar)

Batch Schedule : 27-Jun-2020   To   28-Jun-2020

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

Duration : 2 Days

Timings : 9:00 AM  To  12:00 PM

Fees : Rs. 500/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Students
  • Fresher’s
  • Working Professionals
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  • Function arguments & return values
    • Call by value vs call by address
    • Passing functions and multi-dimensional arrays as arguments
    • Functions and multi-dimensional arrays as return value
  • Pointer arithmetic
    • Scale factor
    • Rules of pointer arithmetic
    • Pointer arithmetic for void*
    • Pointer arithmetic for pointers to multi-dimensional arrays
    • Pointer arithmetic to access struct/union members
  • Advanced pointers
    • Pointers to multi-dimensional arrays
    • Special uses of function pointers
    • Near, far and huge pointers
  • Complicated pointer declarations
    • Const keyword with pointers
    • Pointers to various arrays & functions
    • Simplifying declarations using typedef
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  • C programming: pointers, functions, arrays, structures
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  • Solid understanding of various pointers in C, Confidence in uncommon pointers, Ability to handle interview questions on pointers.
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  • This course is not designed to learn/teach pointers from scratch
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It was a really good experience as the faculty demonstrated excellent knowledge on the subject. The explanation was to the point and lots of examples were used to convey the meaning. It was a practical approach which is what made the session even better. 

Harsh Mistry

Unique way of teaching and clearing doubts as and when raised by folks.

1. Bursting the Myths that we learned as concepts, which could be as simple as pass by value and pass by reference in C Programming.

2. Explain the concept in-depth and coding it from scratch is Nilesh sir's USP.

3. Going out of the way and devoting an extra hour, post-webinar session just to clear the doubts and queries.

4. I would definitely reach out to folks to attend the webinar and Learn it and get first-hand experience from Sir.

Mukesh Gupta - Software Engineer, Veritas Technologies LLC, Baner, Pune  

Sir, the way you explain pointer is such an ease. Learning c pointers and other concepts wouldn't have been this easy without you. Thank you so much

Priya Patange

The session was really amazing. Thank You Nilesh Ghule sir for all the efforts. I am an ex Sunbeam student and always a big fan of you sir. Thanks a lot. Please arrange such sessions more frequently in the future. I would definitely like to attend all of them.

Rahul Sharma

Comment: I had learned lots of new things from this session and now I am more confident about those c concepts. Thank you Sir for your teaching.

Suggestion: I was eagerly waiting for sunbeam online courses. Please continue this kind of online session so we can refresh our knowledge and learn new things day by day. 

Vill Khilpara - Accenture Solution Pvt Ltd  

As I was preparing for the entrance exam of CDAC. so I found the 2days class of pointer was much beneficial . And I liked it  


I have attended a webinar on Advanced pointers in C. Nilesh Sir has an excellent hands on experience on C/C++/Linux(many more technologies) that brings in learning more advanced topics in less span of time & very simple way. Learn  topics like passing 2-D arrays to function, such topics hardly explain anyone so precisely. I'm an embedded system developer, learning in depth container_of micro how it is implemented in detail & in the simplest way. Though it's an online course, Sir makes it more brainstorming session. Must say, essential for students/fresher(worth for cost) & professionals.

I got to learn pointers better than ever. Thanks for that.


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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 CPTR-O-02 27-Jun-2020 28-Jun-2020 9:00 AM  To  12:00 PM

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

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